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Memorial «Eternal Flame»

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Type: Memorial complex Date of Foundation: 1967 year Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Gomel

Hill of Glory has been poured into Festival Park in 1968 in honor of the 50th anniversary of Soviet authority and to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers of the Red Army and the guerrillas who died for the freedom and independence of their country. Mound near the eternal flame, there are always fresh flowers that bring the couple and those who chose to honor the memory of heroic soldiers. At the top of the Mound, a metal tongue of flame, the crowning song.

On the mound soil collected from more than 100 places in Great Patriotic War were major battles. Barrow is a carrier time capsule, placed there during its construction in 1967. Opening the capsule is scheduled for 2017, the request is displayed on a plate, on which is written about the time capsule and the message for future generations: «Under this plate in October 1967 at the opening of the Mound of Eternal Glory walled mandate descendants. To open in 2017, the day of the century of Soviet authority».

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Location map - Memorial «Eternal Flame»

Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel GPS Google: 52.436667′ N, 30.974167′ E