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Church of the Annunciation in Vitebsk

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Type: Churches Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Republican value Vitebsk, st. Zamkovaya, 1

Church of the Annunciation in Vitebsk - a monument of ancient architecture, one of the most ancient temples of Vitebsk. It is founded by princess Olga. It was here, at the low edge of the Dvina hill, at the time located pier, where merchant ships arrived. From a distance, swim up to City merchants have noticed the miracle of the earth of Vitebsk - a beautiful temple. In the shrine was crowned Prince of Novgorod Alexander Nevsky with princess Paraskeva, daughter of the Prince of Polotsk Bracheslav.

First church, founded by Olga, was wooden, and in the twelfth century, became a stone. With the construction of the original church was used construction machinery: the temple walls are made of rows of white hewn limestone blocks, alternating double rows of plinfy (flat and broad bricks). The church was built with the participation of newcomers masters. For five centuries the church was the main temple of City.

Around 1622 year the church became Unitarian, and Only in 1832 year was again transferred to the Orthodox. During this time, its outer image has undergone significant changes. The church was partially destroyed during the World War II. For damage to this valuable architectural monument Germany has been paid a large indemnity to Belarus. However, these funds were not used to rebuild the temple. In the damaged condition he stayed until 1961 year, when by order of the municipal authorities had blown up. In 1977 year he was made preservation of the ruins. Church rebuilt in 1998 year. reveal all text

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Address Vitebsk, st. Zamkovaya, 1 GPS Google: 55.19227′ N, 30.200683′ E