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St. Basil Cathedral in Vitebsk

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Type: Churches Style: Classicism Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Regional value Vitebsk, Shubina str., 2

Cathedral of St. Basil- the main Orthodox church of the city. It was built in 1806 - 1821 years by monks Trinitarians (members of the Catholic Order of St. Trinity). Next to the temple - a two-storey convent building.

As a Catholic church was closed after the revolt of 1831 year. And the monks expelled from the city. After closing in the building of the temple was located a shelter for orphaned children, then women”s prison, which lasted more than a hundred years. In 1858 year the church was converted to the Orthodox Church. The restored church was lit in honor of the Holy Virgin. The church operated in the period of occupation during World War II. During the liberation of the church was partially destroyed (demolished tower, roof) and as such she stood up to the 80s of the twentieth century. In 1987 year he began the restoration of the temple, which was completed in five years. Currently, in the former convent building housed Trinity house with attached churches in the name of Saint. Martyr Athanasius. In the cathedral is also valid: the sisterhood, the parish library, sunday school, icon painting and sewing workshops, a refectory.

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Address Vitebsk, Shubina str., 2 GPS Google: 55.18759′ N, 30.20598′ E