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Memorial reserve of Yanka Kupala «Vyazynka»

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Type: Objects of culture Date of Foundation: 1882 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Molodechno district, Vyazynka village

Vyazynka - a small village located not far from Minsk. In 1882 Ivan Dominikovich Lutsevich was born here. He is better known as Yanka Kupala - a Belarusian poet, playwrighter, essayist, a classic of Belarusian literature.

The writer”s family moved to the folvarok Vyazynka in 1881. At that time the estate belonged to Valentiy Zambzhitskiy who was a former judge of the Minsk provincial court. The Lutseviches rented only a part of the estate, that looked like a traditional aristocratic mansion.

In 1972 on the 90th anniversary of the birth of Yanka Kupala the Belarusian government decided to establish Writer”s Literary Memorial Reserve in Vyazynka. At that time only a branch of the museum with the headquarters in Minsk was located on the territory of the ancestral village of Belarusian poet. The authors of a draft of reserve became the Belarusian architects S. Musinsky, A. Kajar and A. Konovalenko. When they were creating the project, they were trying to preserve the natural landscape of Vyazynka with its architectural layout, trees and a pond. For doing this the architects had studied the materials of archives, information from libraries, newspapers and magazines, as well as the stories of local residents.

The area of Yanka Kupala”s reserve is about 13 hectares. On its west side there is a railroad, and on the east - the channel connecting the river Svisloch with the main Neman tributary - Viliia. The house where once lived Yanka Kupala, today looks the same as it was in the XIX century. There are two inner porches, and two living rooms there. The Lutseviches lived in the left part of the house. The writer”s uncle lived on the right side. Today there is the literary exposition of the museum there. Near the house there are trees planted by Yanka Kupala”s wife with Belarusian writers and fans of the poet.

In 1948 the memorial sign was established on the poet”s house. And later a bronze bust of Yanka Kupala created by the famous Belarusian sculptor Zair Azgur, was errected in the central alley of the reserve «Vyazynka».

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Photo - Memorial reserve of Yanka Kupala «Vyazynka»

Location map - Memorial reserve of Yanka Kupala «Vyazynka»

Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Molodechno district, Vyazynka village GPS Google: 54.107421′ N, 27.192192′ E