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Kroshyn Church of Corpus Christi

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Type: Katolik churches Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi district, Kroshin, Lenin square

Сhurch was built in 1920 out of clay in the estate of Sviatopolk-Zavadzkie on the place of wooden church by 1818. In terms of building - rectangle with a gable roof. Two-story facade. The church remained a unique luster that still in 1881 was forged by Kroshin poet legend Pavliuk Bagrym.
His chandelier with ornament of botanical and ornithological symbolism - a masterpiece of forging operation, which memorable to everyone who has seen it at least once. Girandole was made by hand man of great talent and hard fate of cast iron and sheet bronze in the form of light abazhurnogo suspension, which consisted of two metal hoops in three bundles. Image colors and decorated it lark kronopodobnoe completion. At the top hoop the inscription: ”Paul forged in Bagram Kroshin Scharoy over in 1881.”. It is also the name of the customer: ”Ordered by the Boston model, Peter Sviatopolk-Zawadzki ».
Originally, the luster was in the hall of the house of Peter, and then his heirs gave her church.
Pavlyuk Bagram - the son of a local blacksmith Joseph and Mary Stakhovsky educated at the parish school at the local church. Pavlyuk - a poet, people whose lives became legend, and all the biographical information about him obtained through the publication of Ya.Yanushkevicha.
On the wall hangs a sign of the modern church, which written text of a single poem Bagrima translated into Polish and English languages.
Tomb Pavlyuk Bagrima be right there behind the church.
On the other hand the church, on the other side Schara, you can walk Park by the old gentry Sviatopolk-Zavadsky. Park is known for its yasenyamі majestic, as well as oaks, planted in 1884, our countryman, world renowned scholar Ignatius Domeyko and poet Anton Adintsom.

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Location map - Kroshyn Church of Corpus Christi

Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi district, Kroshin, Lenin square GPS Google: 53.1995′ N, 26.161419′ E