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Monument to David Gorodensky

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Monument in honor of Prince David set in the center of town near the church Kazanskaya Church in David-Gorodok.

Gorodensky David - known in the history of the hero-warrior, who fought selflessly to Crusaders to preserve the independence of the Belarusian land.

Four times the Crusaders tried to capture Novogrudok. In 1314 the mayor of the city GrodnoDavid Gorodensky with his retinue repulsed their attack on the  Castle in Novogrudok. When the two armies of crusaders gathered Teutonic Master Heinrich von Plock from across Europe marched to war against Lithuania   and it was decided to strike at the heart - to Novogrudok, over our country in danger of being enslaved. By attacking the Novogrudok, Crusaders captured and burned the town, ruthlessly killing and raping, plundering and destroying. The capital turned into ashes. The surviving inhabitants and garrison took refuge in the castle. It was decided to send a messenger to Gorodnya to Davyd Gorodenskomu voivode, not injured in battles with Order a single defeat. At this time the castle roof caved stones and arrows, even the sky darkened. It was only the beginning. Under the roar of drums and shouts of encouragement, knights, holding a ladder, moved to the castle walls. Not paying attention to all the efforts of the defenders they stubbornly climbed higher and higher. Gathering all his skill, novogradchane repelled an attack by pouring bowls of burning tar knights right on the head, and forced them to retreat. The next attack of the crusaders began with even greater fervor. And when the besieged forces were already at the end, when it seemed  that the Crusaders are about to win, a welcome aid arrived in time. David Gorodensky squad, attacking from the rear, the Crusaders captured the camp stationed there with the wagon train, horses,  food supplies. Gorodentsy attack caught the defenders of the castle and surrounding knights, Lithuanians all his might have fallen upon them, burned in revenge for the city and its inhabitants. Most of the Teutons, together with the master was killed. From the two armies remained only a handful of soldiers managed to return home and brought with him news of the death and defeat. Later, during a trip organized by them on land captured by the Crusaders, David Gorodensky was assassinated.

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Photo - Monument to David Gorodensky

Location map - Monument to David Gorodensky

Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Stolin district, David-Gorodok village GPS Google: 52.055106′ N, 27.211598′ E