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Manor of Voynich-Senozhetskiy family

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Type: Palaces Style: Classicism Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Vetka district, v. Halch

Halch is a small village located in Gomel region, on the right bank of the Sozh River. The manor that once belonged to Voynich-Senozhetskiy family was built there in the early XIX century. Today there is a branch of Gomel regional museum inside the manor.

The manor complex is located on the outskirts of the village Halch. Its center is the palace. Earlier the manor complex consisted of two wings, outbuildings and stables.

The palace has space-dimensional solution that is unusual for Belarusian architecture of the first half of the XIX century. This is an example of classical architecture in its heyday. Palace of Voynich-Senozhetskiy family is a two-storyed building. Its first floor is made of brick, the second is wooden. However, the architectural design of the palace creates an impression that the building was constructed entirely of stone.

Once there were a library, archives, two bedrooms, a guest room and a spacious dining room with fireplace on the ground floor of the manor of Voynich Senozhetskiy family. Its walls were faced with wooden panels and decorated with family portraits. A glass door led from the dining room to the lower terrace. You also could go upstairs and reach the second floor of the palace. There was a large bright ballroom. As historians suggest, its ceiling and walls were decorated with elegant decor. The owners were proud of their mansion having the banquettes made in the style of Louis XVI, antique mahogany furniture, a valuable library, collections of carpets, silver, porcelain, paintings and drawings of famous artists of that time. There were a saloon, sleeping quarters, studies, restrooms and dressing rooms not far from the ballroom.

The main facade of palace that once belonged to Voynich Senozhetskih was oriented to the Sozh River. It consisted of six columns located on the first floor and six columns - on the second floor. There was also a terrace with a balcony.

In front of the main facade of the palace there was a big courtyard with a lawn and a fountain. There were two identical side one-storyed wings with a four-column portico. The palace gates were constructed far away from the palace. There was an alley that led to the palace.

In the XIX century the manor complex had a landscape park. It was crossed by broad ravine with a brook that flowed into the Sozh. There was an orchard not far from the palace.

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Photo - Manor of Voynich-Senozhetskiy family

Location map - Manor of Voynich-Senozhetskiy family

Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Vetka district, v. Halch GPS Google: 52.56117′ N, 31.13586′ E