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The Franciscan Monastery in Golshany

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Type: Monasteries Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 17 century Status: Republican value Grodno area, Oshmyany district, village Golshany

The monastic complex was built in Golshany Sapega in the XVI century for the Franciscan monks. In 1832, closed. From the original building remains a building of the monastery, where one of the branches of the National Art Museum of Belarus, as well as home where situated to the most famous Belarusian ghost - The White Lady.

According to legend, one of the walls of the monastery during the construction are constantly falling apart. Meanwhile, Sapega (owner Golshan) threatened severe punishment to builders if they did not have time to date. On the advice of the sorceress masons decided to bring a human sacrifice - his wife, who before the others come with lunch. The youngest builder prayed fervently that it was not his beloved wife. But it was her, and immured alive in the ill-fated wall. Matter immediately went smoothly, and August 6, 1618 were built two great objects: the church, which was consecrated in the name of John Kristitel and Franciscan Monastery. Since then the building of the monastery was never destroyed, not rebuilt. Since then, the monastery there are strange and mysterious events - suddenly ignited and extinguished the light, heard footsteps and sighs, and some visitors saw the silhouette of a delicate long-haired girl dressed in white.

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Address Grodno area, Oshmyany district, village Golshany GPS Google: 54.256921′ N, 26.010033′ E