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The Monument of Lenin in Baranovichi

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Type: Monuments Date of Foundation: 1960 year Status: Republican value The Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi, Lenina str., 1

The Monument of Lenin

In 1960 , the creation of the square in the center of Baranovichi was going to end. According to the ideological trends of the time, it was decided to install it on a new monument to Vladimir Ilyich. Monumental sculpture was to be the final chord of the composition of urban areas.

Group consisting of the sculptor Michael Altshuler and architects Nicholas Milovidova, Sergei Ozhegova, Adolf Makarova and Anatoly Marenich, the monument was designed: the figure of Lenin, mounted in the podium. The total height of the monument is 11.2 meters, the height of the figure Ilyich - 4.6 meters. A monument to Lenin was opened in 1960 .
Initially, according to Anatoly Marenich, it meant that Lenin Baranavichy will be unique, not like the other monuments. However, to fully implement his plan failed, as the leader of the sculpture had to comply with the existing image and specific requirements (portrait similarity, rigor, monumentality). Although the same monuments Ilyich are not present, Baranavichy Lenin recalls his many "brothers" that are installed in other cities.

The festive and solemn days there are demonstrations and rallies the working people of the city and district.

Also in Baranavichy is a monument "Lenin with children", which is located next to the high school number 3 on the street. Preset. The monument is a three-meter sculpture.

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Address The Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi, Lenina str., 1 GPS Google: 53.132537′ N, 26.017518′ E