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Fort №3, 5 in Gershony

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Type: Locks, fortresses, strengthenings Date of Foundation: 1940 - 1941 yy Status: Republican value Gershony

Fort (Latin fortis - tough, strong) - large (long - closed or temporarily - field (open)) strengthening closed, part of the outer line of defense structures Fortress and fortified area.

Forts number 3 and number 5 - the defenses of Brest (Brest-Litovsk, 62 th) near the fortified Gershony (7 km from Brest city center). Fortified area consisted of nine numbered forts and early XX century twice upgraded under the project and under the direction of-fortifier Captain Belinsky June 22, 1941 is engaged in battle with German Nazi soldiers of the Red Army.

Fort № 5 is a military-historical monument architecture of the late XIX - early XX centuries. It was built, 1878-1888 years, is well preserved, and since 1999 has been part of Museum "The Brest Fortress - Hero».

Museum visitors are offered alone or accompanied guide the complex to walk around the barracks, where there is a small, in mainly consisting of photographic roofing, exposition of the museum, see samples of military equipment (anti-aircraft guns, armored vehicles, etc.). At available flashlight you can walk through dark corridors and casemates.

Fort № 3 - 1913-1913 years of construction, after World War II was used as storage of fertilizers and partially preserved.

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Photo - Fort №3, 5 in Gershony

Location map - Fort №3, 5 in Gershony

Address Gershony GPS Google: 52.048022′ N, 23.672885′ E