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St. Nicholas Church in Verhovichi

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Type: Churches, Wooden architecture Date of Foundation: 1933 year Status: Regional value Verhovichi, Brest region

St. Nicholas Church in Verhovichi was built in 1933. It was built as a church on the site of a pre-existing wooden Catholic church, the foundation of which has been laid by Kopots at XVI century. It was built under the priest Lukashevich on donations of parishioners. After the war, the church was converted into the St. Nicholas Church, reconsecrated in 1950. The church acquired the modern view in course of the restoration, started in 2004.

The high belfry ends by hipped roof with spire that brings in the appearance of church the Gothic traits. The main volume of the temple is in the form of an oblong log that goes into a lower multifaceted apse topped by a small dome. the image of St. Panteleimon depicts on one of the faces of the apse. The temple is crowned with 3 small domes: at the Belfry, the central volume and the apse.

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Photo - St. Nicholas Church in Verhovichi

Location map - St. Nicholas Church in Verhovichi

Address Verhovichi, Brest region GPS Google: 52.470239′ N, 23.510813′ E