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Church of Kazan Divine Mother in Rozhkovka

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Type: Churches, Pilgrimage places, Wooden architecture Date of Foundation: 1943 year Status: Republican value Rozhkovka, Brest region

Church of Our Lady of Kazan is a monument of wooden architecture. It was built in 1943.

The history of the temple is connected with the miraculous rescue of the villagers Rozhkovka during the Great Patriotic War. September 28, 1942 punitive expedition arrived in the village. Everyone who could work - men and women to 25 years old - was sent to Bialowieza, where was the headquarters. Children are sent to a neighboring village Dmitrovichi. Rozhkovtsam The rest were ordered to dig their own mass grave. From the shooting of residents saved the request of the Virgin. It so happened that when all the rest in the village rozhkovtsy were standing at the edge of the pit dug by them, ready to be shot, and praying, flying close to a German plane. The officer, in possession of it was, was very Madonna - Virgin in a blue dress with the Divine Infant at rukah- and told him to save the people rounded up for execution. He ordered to land the plane right on the village primer. Having learned that under the punitive operation has been ordered to destroy the village, he asked for a postponement. The officer flew to the headquarters, he was able to overturn the sentence - and he returned to the village with a pardon. The third time he flew to Rozhkovku when brought back carved out of wood at his request, a German soldier, which was the image of Our Lady of him. The village church was built, where and put the image. On the basis of this image in 2008, it was written by an Orthodox icon of the Mother of God. Day of her memory was on 28 September.

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Location map - Church of Kazan Divine Mother in Rozhkovka

Address Rozhkovka, Brest region GPS Google: 52.532963′ N, 23.698843′ E