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Holy Ascension Church in Gorodets

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Type: Churches Date of Foundation: 1799 year Status: Regional value Brest region, Kobrin district, Gorodets

Holy Ascension Church built in 1799. For some time the building was used as the Uniate church and after 1839 it was converted in Orthodox church.
The temple architecture evident baroque features. In center of the roof is erected fashioned 3-tiered 8-sided dome. Planar front facade is completed by 3-angled vertically sheathed gable roof with 2 small windows. Entry isolated by 2-pitched porch on two pillars. The side facades are covered with vertical planks. Their dismembered high aspirations rectangular windows and bars-boxes in the piers. The walls are decorated with an ornamental frieze. In the interior - two icons of the XIX century «Virgin Hodegetria». reveal all text

Location map - Holy Ascension Church in Gorodets

Address Brest region, Kobrin district, Gorodets GPS Google: 52.20318′ N, 24.659694′ E