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St. Dmitry Chapel in Tevli

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Type: Cemeteries, burial places, chapels Date of Foundation: 1881 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, v. Tevli

The St. Dmitry Chapel is located in a cemetery in the village Tevli, famous by military graves at the site of the battle of the Napoleonic dragoons with Russian cavalry in 1812.

Initially, it was a small wooden Orthodox church, built in 1567 on a small hill on the outskirts of the village. In 1764 it was referred as Uniate. The son of the Uniate-priest John Kurganovich was a first Uniate priest of St. Dmitry Church.

After the partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Tevli village became part of the Russian Empire. The new government decided to build in the village an Orthodox stone church. It was founded in October 1872 on the feast day of the Holy Great Martyr Dmitry. In 1874, the church was built and consecrated in Holy Dormition Church, and the old wooden church was moved to the cemetery.

So in 1881 the St. Dmitry Chapel appeared in the local cemetery. It functioned during the First World War, and during the Nazi occupation during World War II. At the Soviet period it was closed and used as a warehouse for spare parts of agricultural machinery. In 80 years with the assistance of the abbot of Holy Assumption Church Father Alexander, parishioners and Tevli village council the reconstruction of the chapel began. Since 2007 the services are held here.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, v. Tevli GPS Google: 52.335311′ N, 24.264349′ E