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Poleski Drama Theatre

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Type: Objects of culture Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Regional value Pinsk, Brest region

March 14, 2006in Pinsk official opening has taken place institutions "The Polesia dramatic theater, Pinsk", which became the 29th professional theater of the state submission in Republic of Belarus. For small Pinsk it was a great honor - according to the status the theater costs on one step with regional and national troupes.

Sources of the Pinsk theater leave in 1939, when, later liberation of the Western Belarus from the Polish occupation, in Pinsk has been created " Polesia regional drama theater". He has worked prior to the beginning of Great Patriotic war, and then has resumed the activity in 1949 already as "The Pinsk regional drama theater". However in 1954 Pinsk the theater has been reorganized and has moved to Mogilev. The building of theater was transferred to city to recreation center, and in his walls the amateur theatrical company has begun to work. In February, 1959 the Pinsk actors were entitled "national amateur collective" which 20 years directed I. Sokolsky. In 1980 the folk theater was headed by the graduate of the Belarusian institute of culture Ivan Bazan , under the direction of which the folk theater was reorganizedin 1992 to yearin independent theater studio " Diogenes ".

In 14 years of activityDiogenes delivered much the fascinating, concerning performances. The creativity actors proved that the theater in the city is demanded and it is time to revive professional theater with complete staff of creative and technical specialists. In the expiring year this idea was realized - and at pinchuk is now own professional theater company to which it was returned historical name.

Polesia dramatic theater settles down in central, historical part of the city in restored and partially reconstructed building (architect V. Kazakov), architecture monumentXIXth century , former building cinema" Casino". Externally historical appearance of the building is kept, and inside it it is completely converted for work in modern conditions.

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Address Pinsk, Brest region GPS Google: 52.114155′ N, 26.108091′ E