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Victory Square in Vitebsk

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Type: The square and urban development Date of Foundation: 1970 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk, Victory sq.

Victory Square - one of the most beautiful areas of the city, a kind of hymn to labor heroism of the people who are in dire postwar years could from the ruins and ashes to raise a new city, as well as the courage of the soldiers, partisans and underground fighters during World War II. In the architectural appearance of the area have merged together two themes: the great feat of arms of the people and the theme of peace.

The main square is a memorial to the «Glory to the heroes». The author of the monument project Shpit Y., architects V. Danilov, Z. Dovgyalo, J. Belsky, J. Pechkin sculptors, V. Markov. Each element of the memorial is in the a meaning. It starts with a memorial with two sculptural groups. The first is reminiscent of the beginning of the war. Bronze poured soldiers leaving for the front, one of them escorted the woman. In the early days of the war from Vitebsk took the front 120 000. At the end of the sculptural group depicts young men in civilian clothes - a symbol of the birth of the underground and partisan movement. Vitebsk in 1083 survived the occupation, to July 9, 1941 to June 26, 1944. It was released during the operation «Bagration».

The second group of sculptures is a picture of release. Depicts the soldiers burst into the city. Among them are the standard-bearer, a woman with a child. Born in Vitebsk Myasoedov captain hoisted the red flag over the city of Victory. Liberators met with only 118 residents from the 180 000 who lived before the war.

Between sculptural groups stair descent begins width of 54 meters, and two swimming pools with fountains, - a symbol of tears shed mothers for not returning from the war, the sons and daughters. The movement of water symbolizes the eternal course of life, its constant renewal.

In the depths of the memorial three bayonet-obelisk height of 56 meters, resembling as to who exactly was involved in the release Vitebsk. At a height of 6 meters the memorial includes a triangular zone that clearly reflects these forces. The square is turned military bas-relief, which shows the two men - a symbol of the two fronts (3rd Byelorussian and 1st Baltic). Between them, the woman”s mother, accompanied by soldiers from Vitebsk.

Second barelief dedicated to the guerrilla movement, the third - the underground movement. The names of the characters are immortalized in the names of streets and avenues and bridges.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk, Victory sq. GPS Google: 55.184099′ N, 30.204395′ E