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Church of Trinity

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Type: Katolik churches Style: Neogothic Date of Foundation: 1914 year Status: Regional value The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Braslav District, Vidzy

Trinity Church in Vidzy was built in the period from 1909 to 1914. Prior to that, in place of the Trinity church was built the convent and the hospital with him back in 1481. Аlmost the entire territory of the village was in the possession of the Bishop of the Catholic, and why it was called "Biskupská key." Residents Biskupská key established taxes not paid temporal power and spiritual power. Thus, a hospital and a school in the monastery operates as a charitable donation at the expense of the citizens, because due to these taxes.

In 1867, the monastery was looted, and soon the building of the temple fell into disrepair. However, in 1909 the architect Vaclav Mihnevich began work on a new church in neo-Gothic style, and already in 1914 celebrated today all over Belarus church opened its doors to worshipers.

Over the years of the First World War the church was badly damaged, but in the 20s by the local people and patrons restored. In memory of the victims of the First World in the walls of the church were walled up after the attacks on the remaining shells. Also, the church was damaged in World War II. Years later sovetskie authorities organized in a church warehouse, granary, later - the gymnasium. In 1989, the church passed a believer, and then began a long restoration of the building, which was completed only in 2015.

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Address The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Braslav District, Vidzy GPS Google: 55.394256′ N, 26.62715′ E