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Drujskij ensemble of a monastery of bernardinets

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Type: Monasteries Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1643 - 1646 yy Status: Republican value Braslavsky district, town Druja

Bernardine Monastery in Druja - the first religious building made ​​of brick on Braslav. Founded Sapegami in 1643-1646 years. Holy Trinity Church was built in the same years of the early Baroque.

Convent in Druya ​​Bernardine monastery was one of the key sites in the history of Belarusian culture of the XX century. In 1924, the bishop of Vilnius Yuri Matulevich founded in Druja in the Bernardine monastery complex Marian. This monastery was the «base» of Belarusian Catholics. It is associated with the biography of the majority of Catholic priests Belarusians who used the services of the Belarusian language. The Polish authorities were actual war with the monastery, and in 1938 he was finally eliminated - a part of the priests were sent to Poland, part to China to conduct missionary work there.

The building of the monastery is quite well preserved, with 1989 passed a believer. The tower of the church is dominated by high-altitude village. reveal all text

Photo - Drujskij ensemble of a monastery of bernardinets

Location map - Drujskij ensemble of a monastery of bernardinets

Address Braslavsky district, town Druja GPS Google: 55.788205′ N, 27.463171′ E