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Lenin Square ensemble in Polock

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Type: The square and urban development Style: Classicism Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Republican value Vitebsk region, Polotsk, Lenin Square

Lenin Square ensemble - preserved complex administrative, residential and religious buildings of the XVII - XVIII centuries.

The area is located in the western part of the city. Formed in the XVII century to the building of the church (not preserved) and the Jesuit College. Since the XVIII century, known as the Parade Square, since 1830 as the Korpusnya, are now like Lenin.

The area on the building plan was in the shape close to a square. In the western parts of it were a church and Jesuit College (XVII century), in the eastern part of the siting of a building of public and criminal chambers (not preserved), in the south - the house of the governor, magistrate, in the north - house vice - governor, commandant, zemsky courts (XVIII century).

The buildings of the XVIII century was two-storied. They are normally formed a single ensemble of buildings. In terms of area planning can be traced features of classicism: a strict, symmetrical placement of buildings; the allocation of the main architectural element; the creation of an enclosed space.

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Location map - Lenin Square ensemble in Polock

Address Vitebsk region, Polotsk, Lenin Square GPS Google: 55.485462′ N, 28.768364′ E