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Folwark Boguslawsky

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Type: Palaces, Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 1849 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Gomel, Lepeshinskogo str., 9

Farmstead of Boguslavsky is located on Lepeshinsky str. in Gomel, Belarus. It was built in 1849 and includes a manor house, stables with a riding hall, a kitchen, a winery, a cellar, park and outbuildings. All buildings, except for the winery, were wooden.

In the centre Boguslawska economy was the eponymous farm, which was first shown on the plan of the surrounding area of Gomel in 1838. Previously on the site of the manor homestead existed, based, probably, in the XVIII century.
In 1920-ies. stud farm is located in a former manor.

Of all the many buildings of Boguslavsky homestead have survived: a stable with riding school, wich were built in the late XVIII century, kitchens and a cellar, wich were built at the beginning of the XIX century, the winery building (1849), basement of the former home to the workers, wich was built in the 2nd th sex of the XIX century, stables and barn,wich were built in the late XIX - early XX century.
Stables with riding school - the building of a complex three-dimensional composition. It consists of a rectangular part of the stables and arena rounded. Plastered walls, facades rhythmically member of window openings, placed in niches. The architectural design of the arena facade used blades, niches, window frame, cornice. On the south side of the arena attached to a later volume.
Winery - storey (with a basement), rectangular building, Covered hip roof. The main entrance is allocated two-column portico, completed by a triangular pediment. By the entrance is a porch. Plastic facade rich. Facades raskrepovan faceted pilasters, rods, semicircular pediments over the rectangular window openings of the cap and the first floor, round lucarnes, completed curly and straight attics. The facade plane is not plastered, the decor is made in the technique of the brickwork. Window openings walled basement.
Building stables - storey T-shaped in plan under gable roofs. Front plane member of rustavanymi blades, rectangular window openings in the jamb with a capstone. Completed facades arkaturno frieze and cornice. The décor in the art of masonry. The end façades are decorated with shields. The second farm buildings (barn), rectangular, one-story, indoor gable roof. End shields facades completed, which is crowned with curly attic. The shield rectangular opening, flankiravany raskrepavanymi blades. Faces shield arkaturno decorated frieze and cornice. The facades are identical with the building of stables: Dick rusticated blades and small rectangular window openings in the frames with the capstone. Completed facades arkaturno frieze and cornice. The decor in the art of masonry. The walls are not plastered.

Currently, the winery building housed the office of the National Olympic Committee in Gomel region.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel, Lepeshinskogo str., 9 GPS Google: 52.472045′ N, 31.000702′ E