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Historic center of Muzyr

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Type: The square and urban development Date of Foundation: 20 century Status: Republican value The Republic of Belarus, Gomel region., Mozyr, Castle Hill

The historic center of the ancient Mozyr is located on Castle Hill, where in the 11-12 centuries was Detinets most ancient fortifications of the city. At a later time, in this place there was the castle, first wooden, then a stone in its territory the palace, the Church of the Holy Saviour, well, three defensive tower and some buildings.Mozyr castle has witnessed and participated in many historical events. Military of the 17th century led to the demise of the castle, it lost its defensive significance and as a fortification no longer recovered.

Today, on the Castle Hill was built a wooden castle - a copy of the ancient city.

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Address The Republic of Belarus, Gomel region., Mozyr, Castle Hill GPS Google: 52.04716′ N, 29.26883′ E