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Building of the former male gymnasium

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Type: The square and urban development Date of Foundation: 19 century Status: Regional value Mozyr, Str. Leninskaya, 15A

The building of the former gymnasium XVIII-XIX centuries - a former noble family estates Kenevichey for participation in rebellion, Felix Kenevicha of 1830-1831. It was confiscated.

"... June 6, 1831 a detachment of rebels under the leadership of the Polish gentry landowner Mozyr Felix Kanevicha captured on Volyn tract postal station in Mikhalkov, Carolina and Kuzmich. There they disarmed a group of Russian military army, took her captive. Enrich squad by Caroline gentry June 11 Kanevich tried to conduct offensive in Mozyr, but after a brief and violent clashes with the regular army and the rebels were defeated to retreat on one of their bases..." - Michael Kopacz. 25.02.1998, Narodny Golas.


In 1859 it established the 7-class men progymnasium, and in 1909 it was converted into a gymnasium. Now this comprehensive sanatorium boarding school.

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Photo - Building of the former male gymnasium

Location map - Building of the former male gymnasium

Address Mozyr, Str. Leninskaya, 15A GPS Google: 52.045028′ N, 29.262319′ E