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Saint George”s church in Vornyanakh

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Type: Katolik churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1767 - 1769 yy Status: Republican value Ostrovec district, Vornyany village
Church of St. George - a monument of architecture of the Vilna Baroque. Erected in the central square of stone in Varniany in 1767-1769 years, Finish building in 1880 and 1908. Is a two-tower, nave church with a gallery, covered with a cylindrical vault.

The decor - layered pilasters, shaped moldings. Three-tiered tower, a small cross-section and greatly elongated.

In Soviet times, church closed, damaged interiors, now returned to the faithful church. reveal all text

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Address Ostrovec district, Vornyany village GPS Google: 54.72713′ N, 26.008963′ E