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Type: Cemeteries, burial places, chapels Date of Foundation: 1989 year Status: The international value Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kurapaty

Kuropaty - the tract of forest in the north-eastern border of Minsk, the place of death of victims of political repression 1937-1940 period.

At this place the Belorussian SSR NKVD destroyed people (90% of the repressed in those years were innocent and later exonerated). Total during the investigation in about 15 acres was found 510 grave depressions. Since 1988 year, efforts began to set up public memorial Processor of victims of Stalinist repression. According to I. Kuznetsova, on the tract may be buried is not reduced 30 thousand people. The case of the mass graves of victims of political repressions in Kurapaty received international attention. In January 1994 year Kuropaty visited during his visit of President Bill Clinton, accompanied by Zenon Poznyak, etc.

The name of this place get of white flowers - Kuropaty, who grew up here elsewhere.

There in the forest hill, equipped with the stones written on them cherished icons. Their author is Anatoly Kuznetsov. Artist-painter of the Minsk Holy Resurrection Orthodox parish Anatoly Kuznetsov, don”t come up with a holy image to portray a certain stone, he sees the image is ready to rock. Therefore, the work of its co-creation calls quickly, as in nature does not interfere, but only accentuates Krasko what has already been created before. The exhibition presented 44 boulders with images of saints.

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Photo - Kurapaty

Location map - Kurapaty

Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kurapaty GPS Google: 53.967927′ N, 27.608525′ E