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The palace and park complex Czapski in Priluki

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Type: Palaces, Parks, squares Style: Neogothic Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Minsk district, st. Mira, 2

Priluki Estate was known since XVII century and at different times owned Steshkevichy, Oginsky... The first mention of the estate belongs to 1651, prior to 1740 there existed a monastery, built by Anna Tyszkiewicz in 1635 with the blessing of Metropolitan of Kiev Peter Graves. Reliable source of it is not, the monastery is covered with legends. In 1872, Earl gets Priluki Emeric Hutten-Czapski.

Manor partially preserved in 1959 by the architect E.Tyukova restored palace, in 1993 and 1995. residential wing, distillery, brewery. Neo-Gothic palace - the main architectural and historical Prilukskaya dominant estate. Represents a two-story building with a low ground floor, vaulted ceilings with decorative dvuyarusnymi hexagonal towers. The front facade is highlighted wide rizolitom. Making the palace was relatively modest, stood a beautiful parquet floor, in front rooms had a lot of stucco, interior decorated suite in the style of Louis XV, paintings and portraits, a rich library of several thousand volumes, mostly in French, German and English. When the palace was formed huge Park, divided into two parts: the old and the Italian landscape. From the entrance to the palace of Brahma is linden alley, the old landing survived six limes.

Priluki Estate was one of the most beautiful in the Minsk region, and was a cultural hub of the best intellectuals edge: Czeslaw Moniuszko with son Stanislav, Orda. During the Second World War it was located country house Belarus Gauleiter Wilhelm Kube. After the war, houses the Institute of Plant Protection.

Manor conceals many mysteries. With Pan Tomasz Vishnevetsky linked most mysterious period in the life of Priluki palace, said he collected the mummies of their enemies: the embalmed corpses were exhibited in a glass coffin on public display. Perhaps it is the peasants invented stories to expose and so wayward Pan even more brutal, yet it is with Tomas Vishnevetsky near the estate and there was an unknown grave.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Minsk district, st. Mira, 2 GPS Google: 53.790638′ N, 27.450886′ E