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Monastery of Carmelites in Zasvir

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Type: Monasteries, Katolik churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1713 - 1714 yy Status: Republican value Zasvir

Troitsk church and monastery of Carmelites in Zasvir — a monument of architecture of baroque of the beginning of a XVIII-th century. It is constructed in 1713 of a brick as a temple of an award of Carmelites on means of Krishtof and Jadviga Zinovich.  In 1865—1920 church it is reconstructed under church, in the early nineties it is returned Catholics.

Church represents a temple with the two-tower main thing facade. On the main facade three parts on a vertical are allocated: central and two lateral – two-story towers. The central part is finished by a triangular pediment.

Walls between windows are decorated by layered pilasters. The altar part from the basic hall of a temple is separated by an arch aperture. Decorative registration of an interior hasn”t remained.

Two-story belfry is located near to church South side. The first circle – the high socle made from stone, the second from a brick, walls are cut by arch apertures. The belfry is covered by a low tent roof,  one-storeyed case of a monastery joined lateral northern facade of a church and together with it formed the closed internal court yard. In 1994 Troitsk church and monastery part that joins it near an apse, were are restored.

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Address Zasvir GPS Google: 54.842193′ N, 26.461333′ E