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Nesvizh Jesuit monastery complex

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Type: Monasteries Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 17 century Status: Included or offered for inclusion in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh

Complex of the monastery of Jesuits - a monument of architecture of baroque of the 16-17th centuries. It is constructed on Nikolay Radzivill Sirotki's foundation. The body God's Nesvizhsky church, a tower of castle gate and Bulgarin's kapliyets are a part of a complex.

The tower of castle gate is the most ancient stone construction in the city. In her architecture lines of the Belarusian defensive architecture, styles of a gothic style and the Renaissance are reflected.

Kaplits Bulgarin it is constructed in 1747 in the yard of a church on the project of the architect M. Pedetti at the expense of the landowner Skanderberg Bulgarin.

Несвижский костёл Божьего Тела построен в 1587-1593 гг. по проекту итальянского архитектора Яна Марии Бернардони по фундации Николая Христофора Радзивилла Сиротки. Иезуитский костёл был первым сооружением в стиле барокко на территории всей Речи Посполитой.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh GPS Google: 53.22064′ N, 26.683764′ E