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Staroborisov farmstead house of Radzivill

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Type: Palaces, Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 20 century Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Borisov district, v. Staroborisov

Old Borisovsky usadebno-park Complex - a monument of architecture XIX centuries. It was erected as a country estate prince Radzivill , on place of a site of ancient settlement of ancient Borisov, consisted of a rich palace in which were meetings of a collection of the weapon, coins and painting products. Subsequently has passed to to princes Romanov .

In the XIX-th century beginning in Staroborisove prince Michael Ieronimom Radzivill the central manor has been built. During war of 1812 in manor Napoleon I Bonaparte stopped. The French commander spent the night in the house of the general manager of baron Korsaka, and manour house apartments were occupied with an imperial staff with retinue. In 1831 a manor Leon has inherited Radzivilla. After the Crimean campaign of 1853-1856 Leon Radzivill, having received a rank of the lieutenant general, sells a manor to an imperial family — great to princes Romanov - to Nikolay and Peter Nikolaevich.

Later the estate has been sold in treasury, and from treasury in 1899 is redeemed by most august Aleksandroj Fyodorovnoj and it is entrusted to house-keeper D. P.Meshcherinov. It has restored the destroyed wooden building of the house of spending the night of Napoleon of times of war of 1812 as a historical monument. Wooden construction has saved the former lay-out — 12 rooms, a shade. In 1899-1900 to the house was it is attached tent church, The stone palace to which have laid highway has been built and have spent phone. In the beginning of II world war in this house there was a staff of group of armies ”Centers”. In it on August, 4th, 1941 passed meeting of German command on which the question was solved: to go to Moscow or to Kiev (there was a chosen Kiev direction). At this meeting there was also Adolf Hitler.

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Location map - Staroborisov farmstead house of Radzivill

Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Borisov district, v. Staroborisov GPS Google: 54.281762′ N, 28.470185′ E