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Ostrich Farm

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Type: Rural farmsteads, Sports-entertaining objects Status: Farm household Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, v. Kozische

Not far from the village of Kobrin Kozische in 2003, there was an amazing place, is very popular and attracts hundreds of tourists - Ostrich Farm. Excursion to the ostrich farm - a great opportunity to relax next to the exotic animals and enjoy the beauty of nature, escape from everyday city life.

The farm is an extensive, occupies about 50 hectares. Currently, there are 300 adult South African black ostrich. This is the largest ostrich farm in the Commonwealth of Independent States with the full cycle of poultry breeding, including incubating eggs, rearing and slaughter of poultry for meat and skin, using the most advanced technologies of the world. Despite the fact that the owls - birds of African descent, they are very well adapted to our conditions. Duration of an individual's life - 70 years old, weighs about 100 kg, and acceleration when running up to 70 km/h. A female ostrich lays about 60 eggs per season. The weight of one egg on average 1.5-1.8 kg. Just one year would require chick to get 100 kg of weight. That is just one year the total weight of the livestock from one pair of ostriches is 4 tons.

Prior to the tour on the farm have the opportunity to visit the open for everyone mini-zoo, where you can see exotic birds and animals at arm's length, to feed ornamental rabbits, photographed with peacocks pet fawn. Optionally, you can pre-order a kebab made of natural ostrich meat, which is very useful and is a dietary product, purchase souvenirs and gifts.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, v. Kozische GPS Google: 52.349746′ N, 24.343749′ E