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St Michael”s Square

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Type: Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Street. Leningrad

St Michael”s Square, with statues of ”Girl with Umbrella,” ”lights up” and ”The Stranger” - one of the most beloved Minsk dwellers. But it turns out, until recently it did not appear on the map of the city under that name. It was found that in 1901 residents of Railway to the district of Minsk urged the authorities to request the opening of the square to ”empty parade ground” at the intersection of Kolomna (now Sverdlov) and St. Petersburg (Leningrad) streets. However, the request was granted only to citizens in twelve years, when the authorities were forced to admit that ”the town square is not enough.” The new park dubbed Mikhailovsky, as he was near the Mikhailovsky lane and street of the same name. However, it”s official name has not been fixed for him. This historical injustice corrected Deputies of the Minsk city, adopting the name of a public garden between the streets of Leningrad, Kirov, and Sverdlov.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Street. Leningrad GPS Google: 53.894483′ N, 27.551689′ E