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Mass Grave of Soviet Soldiers

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Type: Monuments Date of Foundation: 1970 - 1975 yy Status: Regional value Minskaya Str., Bobruisk

There is a mass grave with the erernal fire on the outskirts of Bobruisk, near the village Eloviki. 117 military men, mostly soldiers and officers of the 356th Infantry Division of the Soviet army were buried there in 1944. They were killed near Bobruisk during World War II - during the liberation of the city from the Nazi occupation.

In 1944 soldiers of the 356th Infantry Division made impossible as it seemed: for 30 hours they had passed 70-miles to reach Sychkovo, in the morning on 28th June, 2012 they had battle with the Nazis and went to the line Cherepichniy - Kiselevichi - Eloviki. On that day the Soviet military men dislodged the enemy from Krivoy kryuk and freed the part of Bobruisk.

The Memorial was installed near the village Eloviki in 1970. It consists of two connected walls that resemble a book of military glory where the names of people who were killed in Bobruisk during the Great Patriotic War are written. In 1975 the eternal flame was lit on the place of mass grave. reveal all text

Location map - Mass Grave of Soviet Soldiers

Address Minskaya Str., Bobruisk GPS Google: 53.186533′ N, 29.185588′ E