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The building of the former Institute of Physical Education

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Type: The square and urban development, Sports-entertaining objects Date of Foundation: 1939 year Status: Without a category Minsk, Independence Avenue, 49

Building was built in 1939 year It was for years the Belarusian State of the Order of Labour Red Banner Institute of Physical Culture (BGOIFK).

The history of the institute began in 1937 year, when the athletes took part in the All-Union sports celebration in Red Square in Moscow. The newspaper ”Red Sport” wrote: ”The greatest success of all the national delegations fell to the lot of Belarusians. They showed well-organized, well prepared, and from beginning to end, thoughtful show”. This parade was attended by 250 students of the Belarusian Physical Culture College. After a brilliant performance at the parade of the Belarusian Union College of Physical Education was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner and the restructured to college. So were marked by success in college physical education training.

After the liberation of Minsk from German troops resumed the work of the Institute (from October 1, 1944). The building was damaged, broken glass, ransacked the audience, plundered library. But all the students and teachers, the survivors returned to your institution. The building, restoring sports facilities, mostly for yourself. In subsequent years, BGOIFK greatly expanded its educational and industrial base. Were built new dormitories, a swimming pool, stadium, sports centers, and later (1983 year) appeared and a new school building on the Masherov.

Today, this building housed National Olympic Committee of Belarus. It was established in 1991 year. The main objectives of the National Olympic Committee - the organization of training and participation of athletes in the Olympics, promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles, physical and spiritual development of people.

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Photo - The building of the former Institute of Physical Education

Location map - The building of the former Institute of Physical Education

Address Minsk, Independence Avenue, 49 GPS Google: 53.917003′ N, 27.584771′ E