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Church of Church of Virgin Nativity in Lyskovo

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Type: Churches, Wooden architecture Date of Foundation: 1933 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Brest region., Pruzhany district, d. Lyskovo

The temple was built in 1931-1933 in the center of the village of pine timber with different wood in the interior. The consecration took place in the same 1933.

A very dynamic composition, unusual for Orthodox architecture, coupled with the wealth of volumes and masterfully achieved with compactness indicates a high level of design. According to the researcher A. Kulagin, religious architecture of Transcarpatie and modern style influenced on creation of the temple. According to the researcher S. Harevski, the basis for this conclusion were the strangeness of cross-domed compositions in rural architecture and analogues in Ukraine. At the same time the researcher, considering analogues churches in Western Ukraine, puts forward the version according to which the author of the church could be Lvov architect Eugene Nagorny, who became the founder of the projects on the territory of dozens of churches of Lutsk Diocese, which included at that time and Pruzhany. Thus the temple is an example of the existence of creative contacts in Poland at that time and enrichment of neighboring nations.

The temple is a cross-dome. The architectural plan of the church consists of the basic cube-shaped volume, three-tiered belfry (adjacent to the volume from the west) and a rectangular apse with lower side sacristies (adjacent to the east). Cover the main log is a high roof with embedded in it a powerful light drum (octagon on the quadrangle). Last one is served with large onion dome, which is completed with a small flashlight with domes. The pyramid belfry which is one of the landmarks of the temple is completed high onion dome with a spire. For illumination of the temple rhomboid, square and rectangular windows were used. Such a variety of window shutter only underline the diversity of the individual volumes, such as the belfry, a vestry and porch.

Open drum on four pillars with sailing base and choirs are designed in the interior of the temple hall. The last ones by virtue of being on the side walls of the porch, are placed quite spacious, widely deployed and opened to the interior of the hall. To separate the apse with the altar and the sacristies and high wooden carving iconostasis of the entire height of the church is used. «Virgin Hodegetria», referring to the XVIII century is in the church.

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Photo - Church of Church of Virgin Nativity in Lyskovo

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region., Pruzhany district, d. Lyskovo GPS Google: 52.51202′ N, 24.36908′ E