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The Beljsky Manor «Otetshizna»

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Type: Palaces, Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 20 century Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Zhabinka district, Leninski

The Beljsky Manor «Otetshizna» is located in the village Leninsky, Zhabinka district, Brest region, Belarus. The estate was founded by Belsky in the late 18th and early 20th centuries and include a manor house, park, brovary (distillery), a cheese factory, a warehouse, an outbuilding and other outbuildings.

Manor occupies a flat, sometimes slightly reduced area along the highway. Manor house (long wooden one-story building on a high foundation) was in the depths of the manor. There was a high hipped roof with shingle lucarnes, small porch with 4 wooden posts bearing the triangular shield. Behind the house was located a park.
In the second half of the 20th century Xavier Belsky expanded homestead. Significant changes have affected the manor house. The front facade of the four-column portico decorated with pine columns. On the facade of the park added a large terrace with a wooden balustrade. The bright white shutters gave special attraction to clapboarded house.
In 1905, Xavier has received permission to build a distillery.
The basis of the old regular park plan were crossing the avenue, forming a grid bosquets. Also, the main feature of the park is an old oak tree, which has been declared a natural monument. Age of this oak the hosts of manor determined to 700-800 years. Tree up to 25 m with a diameter of 2.6 m trunk is one of the oldest in parks of Belarus. His krone - a huge tent in the amount of 30x26 m from the old compositions preserved a number of the former mall, along which the main current park trail.

Along the road to the west side of the distillery is located, and to him adjoined outbuildings. A sparse park on the other hand viewed the manor house. The building dominated the park composition, housed in a spectacular secluded park environment. On the north side of the front yard were dairy and ofitsina (partially preserved).

Manor was severely damaged during the First and the Second World Wars. The manor house was lost together with original interiors and heirlooms. From small cabin door led directly into the dining room, which is adjacent to the terrace with access to the park. In the dining room were housed 15 family portraits. In the left side of the house was a plurality of relatively smaller rooms, located on either side of the corridor. The atmosphere in them was modest, but in the master bedroom there was a furniture in empire. The same furniture was in a small cabin, and in the library.

Today the manor is upset by private buildings. Plantings of park were run wild, part of them are moistened and broken by roads, the water system is not functioning. In July 2015, under the pressure of the wind was dropped the most part of the 800-year-old oak.

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Photo - The Beljsky Manor «Otetshizna»

Location map - The Beljsky Manor «Otetshizna»

Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Zhabinka district, Leninski GPS Google: 52.167537′ N, 24.103306′ E