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Church of Nativity in Gudevichi

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Type: Churches Style: Neorussian Date of Foundation: 1877 year Status: Without a category Gudevichi village, Mosty district, Belarus

The village Gudevichi is in Mosty district, Grodno region.
In 1852 here is started to build a new stone church (next to the old wood). The church was consecrated in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1909, on the input side, three-tiered bell towers was added to the church from a brick on a foundation of hewn stone. In wartime, the church was not closed, the church operates today. In 1938, the church served as a priest Vitaly Zheleznyakovich, he led the service exclusively in Belarus. After World War II, the NKVD came here, first they arrested the son of a priest, and later arrested the priest himself, and condemned him to 25 years in Stalin`s camps. When Stalin died, people began free. And Vitaly Zheleznyakovich released too, but he was not allowed to live at home. He was forced to leave Belarus and to go to Russia.

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Address Gudevichi village, Mosty district, Belarus GPS Google: 53.373658′ N, 24.171101′ E