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Agroestate «Mir Pchel»

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Homesteads «Mir Pchel» is located in the Volozhin district, Minsk region, in the small village Borok.

Visiting the homestead you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of honey production, in an atmosphere of «Bee kingdom», which makes it possible to imagine how amazing this is born by their taste and medicinal properties of the product. You will learn about the traditions of apiculture from its origins to modern beekeeping techniques devote all ordinances striped brotherhood that existed on this land for centuries, and how people are prevented bears enjoy your favorite treat. Here you will meet a difficult device beehive, see «costume» beekeeper and accessories for the job. Here you can admire the «pchelarium» – incision of hive – and for hours watch through the glass of striped small workaholic.

Excursion on amazing eco-museum «The World of Bees» will be interesting to all generations. And children and adults seem fascinating story of the life of the most industrious insects. The owners organize numerous activities related to folk festivals and traditions – of Maslenitsa, Kupalye, etc.. It is also possible conduct of the traditional folk festivals, inviting professional groups. National color help create local musicians who sing and for guests and splyashut and folk instruments in his hands will hold. For the youngest visitors is designed entertainment program with interesting stories, quizzes and riddles, rousing songs and dances.

After excursions to Homesteads all the guests waiting for tasting of delicious treats from the bees themselves – pancakes with fresh honey, tea from forest herbs. Also on the memory can be purchased honey or other souvenirs made by local artisans. Everyone is welcome to spend time in nature, have a picnic in a comfortable and spacious gazebo on the homesteads «Mir Pchel».

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Volozhin district, the village Borok, 2 GPS Google: 54.012431′ N, 26.987752′ E