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Homesteads «Gaenskie istoki»

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Homesteads «Gaenskie istiki» is located in the village Gaina of Logoysky district of Minsk region, near the scenic river Gaina.

Homesteads is an eco-tourism facility, where he spent a fascinating tour, introducing the mysterious world of bees and the history of apiculture. Here you can look into the hives to see how the work of a large bee family, learn about the responsibilities of the uterus, working bees, drones and why they are so called, can also learn about the development of apiculture in Belarus and many more interesting things. After visiting the apiary to introduce you to a beaver dam on the river Gaina and two home owners wolves - Vitosha and Sherchik.

In addition, on the territory of the manor is an ethnographic museum of folk life, which exhibits an interesting talk about the past of the Belarusian village. Here are stored various objects, without which it could not live peasant family - dishes, cooking utensils and agricultural implements.

After the completion of the excursion will leave a good impression sweet treats - a real honey with aromatic herbal tea, prepared by a special recipe. Everyone will be able to buy a souvenir products produced in the apiary.

Not far from the homestead, on the river Gaina have specially equipped sitting area, where, after a busy day can put a tent camp and sit around a campfire with friends and family people.

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Photo - Homesteads «Gaenskie istoki»

Location map - Homesteads «Gaenskie istoki»

Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Logoisk District, v. Gaina, Ozernaya Str., 2 GPS Google: 54.256131′ N, 27.693133′ E