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Apothecary Garden

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Type: Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 2014 year Status: Without a category Minsk region., Miadziel district, sightseeing and tourist complex «Apothecary Garden»

Excursion-tourist complex «Pharmacy Garden» is situated in Myadel district, near Lake White, which Gatovichi outside the village. The complex covers an area of more than 1.5 hectares. Here you can learn how to grow, collect and dry herbs. Vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy the fragrance of herbs, whose lifeblood tested for centuries.

The complex has a tea house and a chemist's shop, where they sell herbal teas of the 12 charges, recipes developed by pharmacists company pillows with herbs for bath and bedroom, linen themselves «zёlki». Aromatic herbs are grown directly in a pot that can be done at home. At the center of the garden is equipped with gazebo zhenshenary that combines the beauty and health benefits. In recent years, the popularity of this plant competes white bloodroot, which also effectively look in the garden. Besides this herb is useful for the thyroid gland.

Tours in the complex «Pharmacy Garden» will be interesting for adults who are interested in technology, caring for herbs, as well as children who are not only able to learn more about the diversity and beauty of the plant world, but also usefully spend time at Nature.

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Address Minsk region., Miadziel district, sightseeing and tourist complex «Apothecary Garden» GPS Google: 54.836072′ N, 26.874341′ E