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Mount Lighthouse

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Type: Natural monuments Status: Regional value Belarus, Vitebsk region, Keziki village
Mount Lighthouse is an elevation above the complex kame hills, an area of several dozen square kilometers. Locals call these hills Kezikovskimi mountains. Mount Lighthouse - the highest hill of the picturesque mountains Kezikovskih glacial origin. The absolute height of the mountain is 174 meters above sea level, and with respect to the nearby lakes - Strusto Snudy and its height 44, 7 m. In the early twentieth century, surveyors set on a hilltop tower triangulation, and the locals have christened a lighthouse. And before that, the hill called Mount Bizne. On top viewing platform is now installed in a tower. Boasting amazing beauty, the depth and breadth of perspective. reveal all text

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Address Belarus, Vitebsk region, Keziki village GPS Google: 55.719977′ N, 27.055882′ E