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Dukorа estate

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Type: Palaces, Sports-entertaining objects Status: Without a category Minsk region

Belarus is famous throughout the world for its hospitality, and one of its main attractions, you can call it rural estates. Dukorski maentak - One of the most unusual sights of Belarus. Here, in a special way the old manor gentry life interwoven with the normal life of modern man. High Gate with a collection of ancient household items Belarusians; flipped upside down house, where everyone can test their endurance; Street artists, which settled comfortably next to each other and pottery, and forge and cottage Brovary; rope town; magical forest of fairy tales, which is perched on the edge of a 400-tions grandfather oak - all Dukorsky maentak.

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Address Minsk region GPS Google: 53.674563′ N, 27.964029′ E