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Zoo in the Decoly village

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Manor «Natürlich» is located in the village of Baranovichi district decal. It is here that anyone can visit the petting zoo. Guests of the estate can not just see and photograph the inhabitants of the zoo, but also feed them, touch and hold on the hands.

A tour of the manor holds hostess who knows all their pets. Here live ostriches, African, Cameroonian goats and sheep, rams merenos goat zaenskaya, Shetland Pony, beaver, usuriyskie raccoons, Lind and Kuban geese, duck sliders, turkeys, Indian peacocks, diamond pheasant, silver pheasant, Golden pheasant, chickens of different breeds, quails, hedgehogs, parrot Alexandria, German Shepherds... And that's not the whole list of inhabitants of the zoo, because it is regularly updated.

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Photo - Zoo in the Decoly village

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi district, Dekoli village, Berezovaya str., 1 GPS Google: 53.124317′ N, 25.684100′ E