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The road of accomplishment of desires

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Type: Parks, squares Status: Regional value Braslav

The road of wish fulfillment is a new attraction of Braslav. It is located in the lakefront Drivyaty. The road runs between the lake and the Bald Mountain and includes a recovery portion of the old pavement of the late XIX - early XX century, which has been preserved almost throughout a kilometer. One hundred years ago, the water of Drivyaty reached almost this place. Today, the lake shore is on through the track. Once this road is opened entry to Braslav. Now You can walk along it for about 200-250 m. At the beginning of the road the "Arch of wish fulfillment", decorated with stylized flowers and fish and topped with the coat of arms of the city, was set.

Not far from the arch there is a sculpture two cranes, the figures of which are made in a special way of concave sheets of tin.

At the entrance to the city the brilliant queen of lake mysteriously emerged from it - a fish with a golden crown on his head. This is another symbolic architectural form in Braslav. Since this region is mainly associated with fishing and is home to numerous dynasties of fishermen, so Goldfish is a symbol of the best fishing luck. And, of course, she will not leave unfulfilled deepest desires that You trust it.

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Address Braslav GPS Google: 55.637995′ N, 27.030063′ E