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«Ekspediciya» recreation center

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Recreation center «Ekspediciya» is an exclusive ethnic space, stylized northernmost town on the edge of the earth. Here you will find a variety of opportunities and vibrant entertainment. The recreation center is located on the territory of Logoysk district and takes about 4 hectares. The territory surrounding beaches and vast waters of Pleshchenitsy reservoir. For those who like to fish and enjoy the unity with nature has an inner stocking the lake with running water.

Territory of recreation center includes «Vip-area» which is perfect for large companies, and many days of large-scale events. Located on the domestic stocking the lake area «Forest Lake» is a wonderful place to rest on a 50-120 guests. It has everything you need for a corporate stay.

«English Town» offers mobile homes increased comfort, located on the shores of picturesque Lake Forest. Each guest house has two bedrooms, a cozy living room with fireplace and TV, equipped kitchen, bathroom and shower.
Welcome to the residence of leisure, adventure and amazing emotions!

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Photo - «Ekspediciya» recreation center

Location map - «Ekspediciya» recreation center

Address 223130 Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Logoisk district, Oktyabr, «Pleshchenitsy-2», 1/1 GPS Google: 54.444345′ N, 27.766265′ E