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Photo - Naumovichi

Location - Naumovichi

Naumovichi is a small village of Grodno district, located 8 km north-west from Grodno. The village is located on the way to the urban village Sopotskin and the famous August channel.

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History of the development - Naumovichi

Naumovichi gained historical significance thanks to the construction of the First World War fortifications in 1912-1915. Fortification №2 of the Grodno fortress or «Naumovichi fortification» was partially destroyed in the night 19-20 of August, 1915. During the Great Patriotic War, fascists shot here thousands of prisoners from the eastern regions of Poland and civilians from Grodno and neighboring villages.

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Tourism potential - Naumovichi

There is a one of the most famous fortifications in Belarus - Fortification №2 in Naumovichi village of Grodno district, it is included in the list of historical and cultural values of Belarus. Fortification №2 of the Grodno fortress is a participant and witness of two wars at once XX century. It has a length of about 150 meters, and the its walls reaches 2 meters. Despite the fact that it was partly destroyed in 1915, since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the fortification was included in the system of Grodno fortified area and there was a machine-gun artillery battalion here.

On the way to the fort there is a memorial dedicated to the victims of fascism - the grieving mother and across made of natural stone with a memorial tablet.

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GPS Google: 53.71965′ N, 23.722423′ E