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Lyaskovichi / Pripyat National Park

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Photo - Lyaskovichi / Pripyat National Park

The population: 788 people Status: Small The year of foundation: XVI в. Gomel region, Petrikov district

Location - Lyaskovichi / Pripyat National Park

Agro-town Lyaskovichi is a small settlement in the extreme south-west of Petrikovsky district in Gomel region, the center of Lyaskovichi village council. The administrative center of the National park «Pripyatsky» is located here.
Lyaskovichi is located in the very center of the Belarusian Polesie, in the floodplain of a large Pripyat River. During the flood the Pripyat floodplain becomes a real sea - the width of its spill can reach 30 km, that is why the region is often called Polessye Amazonia.
Such a unique location of Lyaskovichi determines its remoteness from major cities and highways. The agro-town is located at a distance 24 km from the center of the region Petrikov, and from Gomel, the center of the region, at 215 km. It takes to travel 250 km to get to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. A small highway, on which the Lyaskovichi agro-town is located, connects Petrikov and Zhitkovichi.

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History of the development - Lyaskovichi / Pripyat National Park

The history of Lyaskovichi has been known since the 16th century, when it was a village in Mazyr district of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Lyaskovichi become the part of Russian Empire, as well as the entire territory of Belarus. The owners of the settlement were Khodkevichi and Kinevichi, at that time Lyaskovichi was a detached, unremarkable settlement, where from the end of the XIX century there was a school, a distillery and a river pier. Since 1911 Lyaskovichi received the status of a small town, and in Soviet times it was part of Mozyr district.
During the Great Patriotic War, part of the village was burned by the German invaders, more than 100 of its inhabitants were killed at the front.

The modern history of Lyaskovich is closely connected with the establishment of the National park «Pripyatsky», which in 1996 was formed from the Pripyatsky State Landscape and Hydrological Reserve. A year earlier, an experimental forest and animal-hunting farm «Lyaskovichi» was established here. Lyaskovichi was rebuilt after becoming the administrative center of the National park. The development of agriculture, forestry, woodworking, construction of residential and administrative complex, river channel with walks on the boat led to the fact that the village Lyaskovichi received the status of agro-town in 2006.

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Tourism potential - Lyaskovichi / Pripyat National Park

Today, the agro-town Lyaskovichi is a center of eco-tourism. Thanks to the National park «Pripyatsky»,Lyaskovichi has become popular not only in Belarus, but also abroad. It combines unique natural wealth and excellent service. Wild nature and water expanses of the Pripyat River floodplain is considered to be a national treasure. Every year, tourists from Europe come here to enjoy the wildlife. The floodplain of the Pripyat is the largest migration channel of birds in Europe, and it is a paradise for bird watchers. About 250 species of birds inhabit the park, many of which are listed in the Red Book. Park staff has developed ecological paths, photo safari and even boat trips. In 2012 the Museum of nature was officially opened, it is considered to be the largest museum of its kind in the Republic, he will show visitors unique Polissya landscapes and tell about the traditions of Polessye residents.

A modern hotel complex «Nad Pripyatyu» with comfortable rooms, a restaurant, a swimming pool and a gym, a conference room was built near the water channel.
Guests who prefer privacy can stay at tourist complex «Doroshevichi» on the bank of the river Pripyat.

Since 2010 the festival of ethnocultural traditions «Call of Polissya» is held in Lyaskovichi, it has already become the hallmark of Petrikov District. For several days guests can enjoy folk music, creative teams performs, the Polesie crafts fair works, exhibitions, contests of farmsteads and national cuisine, as well as fun entertainment.

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