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Cartesians or Carthusians (lats. cartusia - name of the first monastery, the Grand Chartreuse - La Grande Chartreuse) monastic order Roman Catholic Church, founded in 1084 St. Bruno of Cologne in Shartrezskih mountains near Grenoble, but the order was officially approved by Innocent III in 1133 and in the period from the end of the XII century to XIV century charterhouse has spread across Europe from Ireland to Poland. Now remained insignificant Cartesian community in Italy, Spain and France. On the territory of Belarus is the only Carthusian monastery was built in XVII century in Bereza by son of Lew Sapieha Kazimierz.

Cartesians are poluotshelnicheskuyu and strictly contemplative life: worship at the cartesians hold most of the day and night, conks eat for most of the year once a day, do not eat meat once a week fasting. Cartesians strictly observe the silence, but during daily walks can talk with each other. Throughout devyativekovoy history of the order of their way of life has remained almost unchanged. Starting from the XII century the order has joined a small number of convents, whose statutes requirement of silence and solitude more relaxed. The main source of income carthusian order is world-renowned liqueur «Chartreuse» , in the production of which employs only four monks.