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Legend "Ghost of Loshitsa"

The most famous ghost of Minsk lives in Loshitsa manor. Loshitsa manor and park ensemble is one of the most interesting and mysterious places in Minsk. One of the oldest and most well-preserved monuments of this kind in Belarus is fanned by many legends and traditions.

The owner of Loshitsa Evstafy Lyubansky, at the age of 37, married Yadviga Kinevich, 20, the daughter of the head of the Mozyr gentry. Evstafy was a European-educated and highly cultured man, who, thanks to his active social activities, was widely known among the Minsk intellectuals and nobility. The owner of Loshitsy and his young wife filled their estate with canvases of famous artists brought from trips around Europe, thanks to their efforts, the Loshitsa library became one of the richest in Minsk region. The couple of Lubanski repeatedly gathered the whole of Minsk province at their magnificent balls and receptions, took part in the activities of charitable societies. Beauty, refined manners and erudition made Jadvigu Lubanskaya the heroine of Minsk balls and receptions, which were arranged by the Minsk aristocracy. Brought up in the traditions of Polish culture and Catholicism, a married noblewoman had the misfortune to love a Russian official, the Minsk Governor-General A.N. Musin-Pushkin. The situation was extraordinary and dramatic, the whole Minsk world spoke about the novel, the relatives were indignant. The governor, who was distinguished by liberalism, was recalled to St. Petersburg on the eve of the revolutionary events of 1905. Since then, dispatches from the capital of the empire began to arrive in Loshitsu several times a day, which could not but disturb the legitimate husband of Jadwiga.

One evening, perhaps after a quarrel with her husband, Jadwiga ran out of the house and headed for the river. What happened next, no one knows: perhaps she rushed herself into the river, perhaps it happened by chance. Some time later, Pan Lyubansky, who had gone with all his servants to search for his wife, found the breathless body of Jadwiga in a river not far from the manor. Heartbroken Evstafy ordered to lay a window in the Yadviga room for ever and put a Manchurian apricot next to the place of the death of his wife. He himself abandoned all affairs and left for the Caucasus, where he soon died.

Jadwiga remained forever in Loshitsa. On clear nights, each spring at the time of the Manchurian apricot blooming against the moon in the park, an extraordinarily distinct silhouette of a woman in wide white robes appears and predicts to couples how their life will be together.

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