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Legend "Zaslavl"

In 980 Prince Vladimir of Kiev wooed the daughter of Polotsk prince Rogvolod. But the princess, rejected his offer, preferring his brother Prince of Novgorod Jaropolk. Outraged, Vladimir went to war against Polotsk, captured the city, he abused Rogneda in the presence of her parents and brothers, and then before her eyes killed them. Vladimir took with him Princess, given her name Gorislava, and the principality of Polotsk joined to his lands.

But the proud Rogneda did not forgive her husband the murder of her father and brothers and the destruction of her native city. One day, when the prince visited her, she tried to stab a sleeping husband with a dagger. But Vladimir woke up and grabbed his wife. He himself decided to punish Rogneda, who had encroached on his life, told her to put on a princely dress, as she was wearing on her wedding day, sit on a rich bed and wait for him. But his young son Izyaslav, enters the bedchamber, barred the mother. ”Father! You are not alone, the son will be a witness, ”- he said. VVladimir replaced anger with mercy, threw the sword and went away. On the advice of Boyar Vladimir sent Rogneda and Izyaslav from Kiev to Polotsk, where he built for his disgraced wife and son the new city and named it Izjaslavl.

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