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Museum of Medieval Chivalry

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Type: Historical Location: Polotsk, Vitebsk region

Museum of Medieval Chivalry in Polotsk offers its visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of those times and learn more about the traditions of knightly culture.

The museum has 3 halls, the interior of which is designed in the style of a medieval castle. You will see objects of everyday life, as well as weapons used at that time: crossbows, spears, arrows, etc. In addition, the museum has a «torture room», which is a stone prison, in which there are guns of executioners and a skeleton, shackled.

Excursions around the museum can be supplemented with animation program. In front of you will be the revived prince Andrey Polotsky, as well as a real medieval knight in armor, calling his opponent to battle.

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    Address Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk, Engelsa str, 3 GPS Google: 55.486006′ N, 55.486006′ E