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Museum of Nature in Turov

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Type: Ecological The exhibition: 9 Location: Turau, Gomel region

Museum of Nature in Turov was founded in 1998. The museum was created to show the beauty and greatness of the Polesie landscapes, their biological diversity. The museum not only raises the level of environmental knowledge, but also educates visitors with a careful and caring attitude to nature, gives an understanding that the living world is a single and integral system. The museum exposition, located on two levels, corresponds to the ecological and nature protection profile of the museum with the display of nature objects. For the years of its existence, the museum has grown fond of many visitors, and after the reconstruction of 2016 it became even more interesting.

Photo - Museum of Nature in Turov

    Exposure - Museum of Nature in Turov

    1. historical hall presented documents familiarizing visitors with the history of the creation of the Pripyat Landscape and Hydrological Reserve and its reorganization into the «National Park «Pripyatsky», with its goals and objectives.
    2. hall of biological diversity on the walls and shelves 120 species of birds are represented, a stand with unique photographs of biological diversity of the general director of NP «Pripyatsky».
    3. main hall the most attractive part of the museum (located on two levels), where birds, birds of prey, dioramas with the beauty of pine forests, low marshes are represented.
    4. beadwork objects of beekeeping (an ancient kind of beekeeping): ancient tools for making hives, decks, kadushki, queen cells, baskets and much more.
    5. «In the woods» a real forest, in the center - oak with a beard and a bear who wants to climb on him for honey; large ungulates: deer, elk, wild boar.
    6. «The Pripyat floodplain» the only non-state reserve «Turovsky Meadow» in Belarus on the bank of Pripyat, where annual spills turn it into a network of islands where waders, gulls, ducks and other birds arrange real colonies.
    7. «Bison in the forest» the national pride of Belarus and the Pripyatsky Park are bison, the mighty descendants of the ancient bulls who returned to their native lands again.
    8. «Underwater world of Pripyat» features of the bottom of the Pripyat River, its flora and fauna.
    9. «Predators» predators of the national park are represented: a pack of wolves hunting for wild boars, trot for a walk; predatory mammals: forest ferret, mink, otter and much more.

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    Location map - Museum of Nature in Turov

    Address 247980, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Zhitkovichsky district, Turov, Leninskaya str., 127 GPS Google: 52.064261′ N, 52.064261′ E